Jane Hambleton

Berkeley based artist, Jane Hambleton grew up in the sleepy suburban town of Santa Clara, California. She began to draw when she was a child. Her memories of childhood are often centered around swimming. Much of her early life was spent around a pool. She was a competitive swimmer and lifeguard. The visceral sensation of being in water, of floating or being submerged has clearly influenced her work and many of her concerns have to do with objects or figures in space and the juxtaposition of drawing and color fields, allowing her to explore issues of fear and comfort, absence and presence.

Jane  Hambleton

Jane Hambleton

Jane Hambleton Description

Jane Hambleton grew up in sleepy suburban Santa Clara, California and began drawing (and swimming) as a child. Swimming competitively and working as a lifeguard, her childhood memories are often centered around a pool. She is well-acquainted with the visceral feeling of being in water, submerged, floating or suspended in space above the surface. She studied graphic design and illustration at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and continued her studies at CCA.

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