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Donna  Brookman

Donna Brookman

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Ovid's classic poem Metamorphosis, written in 200 AD and vividly translated by Ted Hughes, is the touchstone for this group of prints. Ovid grapples with humanity's greed and destruction of the natural world, as well as exploring its capacity for transformation. The timelessness of these concerns enlarges our view of the present historical moment.

The first series of sixteen hand-printed photo-etchings responds to an introductory section of Ovid’s text that describes the origins of the world according to Roman mythology. These images are interleaved with letterpress printed text on fine Japanese paper, and housed in a large folio. Edition of nine complete volumes with letterpress by Richard Seibert, editioning by Jeff Kropp, and folio by John Demerritt.

Metamorphosis Large Prints

The larger Metamorphosis prints grew out of the process of working on the book, and suggest a vortex of transformation. They begin with fragments of old engravings and text that are collaged, drawn and painted, then made into photo-etching plates. Each image is hand-printed in an edition of ten.

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