Joe Brubaker & Will Brubaker

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Joe Brubaker & Will Brubaker

Joe Brubaker & Will Brubaker

Joe Brubaker & Will Brubaker Biography

Joe Brubaker was born in Lebanon, Missouri in 1948 and was raised in Southern California. Joe received his B.A. from Sacramento State University, then attended U.C.L.A. where he earned his M.A. in 1978, followed by an M.F.A. in 1980. Brubaker has exhibited extensively at galleries in San Francisco, Seattle, Laguna, Boston and Santa Fe. His recent exhibition at Seager Gray Gallery featured new works creat- ed in collaboration with his son Will.

Growing up in an artistic household, Will Brubaker devel- oped his own creative vision. He has a painter’s instinct for resolving disparate elements and balancing color. The col- laborative works of Joe and Will Brubaker were a successful addition to the December exhibition at Seager Gray Gallery and at the Aqua Art Fair in Miami, garnering new fans and collectors.

Joe Brubaker & Will Brubaker Statement

Joe and Will Brubaker first collaborated in 2007 on a sculp- ture for Burning Man in Nevada. After a break until 2012, Will and Joe began collaborating again on pieces using found wood and metal. Joe says: “The dynamic of collabo- ration pushes each of us into new directions and produces work that is a rich dialogue in form and meaning. This collaboration is a self-sustaining cycle energizing both of us. The work is about the reclamation of beauty in the face of decay. The alchemy of art turns a lost assortment of objects into a “found” work of art. We see the influence of many artists in this work: Paul Klee, Robert Ryman and Robert Rauschenberg, in addition to the folk art tradition of using materials on hand in an additive manner.”

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