Alexander Rohrig

Alexander  Rohrig

Alexander Rohrig

Alexander Rohrig Description

Alexander Rohrig lives and works in magnificent surroundings in the mountains in San Gregorio. After completing his education at the University of California in Santa Cruz, Rohrig took a position as studio assistant to artist and sculptor Jane Rosen in 2009 on her ranch, a beautiful natural preserve high in the California mountains. Under Rosen’s tutelage and with his daily practice of drawing from these extraordinary surroundings, Rohrig developed a drawing style and vision all his own. He was featured in three exhibitions in 2015 and was the subject of an article in Works and Conversation, an insightful chronicle of California art and artists published and written by Richard Whittaker. 

Alexander Rohrig Statement

Referencing other art, direct observation and visual storytelling, my work rides 

between drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. I find it very difficult to talk 

about it and end up having to "make it" to say what I mean.

Even then, the meanings change. Working with a New York artist and coming out of 

my California culture of skateboarding and surfing I find myself between two worlds, 

navigating both of my interests through the art itself.

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