Lisa Kokin

Fauxliage Obligation to Endure an abstract mixed media work created with thread and book page fragments by Lisa Kokin at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley California San Francisco Bay Area - Lisa  Kokin

Fauxliage: Obligation to Endure, 2012

Mixed media  
42 x 23 x 9 in

Thread, wire, stabilizer, text from Silent Spring

Lisa Kokin chose the eucalyptus leaf for this work for several reasons. The curved and elongated shape of the leaf is aestheti- cally appealing to her. The way the leaves are clustered in a downward direction evokes a feeling of melancholy. On researching the history of eucalyptus trees in California, Kokin learned that they were brought by Australians during the Gold Rush and were not ecologically compatible with native plants, trees and animals. Though beautiful and fragrant, the tree is essentially an invasive species that causes damage to a fragile ecosystem. Kokin’s work often involves paradox. An aesthetically appealing image, when observed from afar, does not reveal the thought- provoking content which becomes apparent when viewed at closer range. Fauxliage contains fragments from the pages of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Published in 1962, Silent Spring was the first widely read book on environmental pollution caused by pesticides.