Lisa Kokin

Record (Derma) an abstract mixed media work created with thread and book page fragments by Lisa Kokin at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley California San Francisco Bay Area - Lisa  Kokin

Record (Derma), 2012

23.5 x 23.5 in

Thread, text.

From the Raveling catalog essay by Maria Porges:

In Kokin’s previous work, color has often been determined by the materials themselves—the bright hues of book spines and covers, the tans and greys of pulped pages, the black and white of old photographs. Record (Derma) is a disc of sewn words, in shades of red and purple with hints of vivid yellow. As the title poetically implies, these colors represent the range of tints Kokin saw in her mother’s fragile, bruised skin during the many hours spent just observing her, sitting by her side. As with the stubbornly faithful use of transcribed text represented in this and other works, Kokin has created a visual record of what she saw.

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