Lisa Kokin

Transcript (Kaddish) an abstract mixed media work created with thread and book page fragments by Lisa Kokin at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley California San Francisco Bay Area - Lisa  Kokin

Transcript (Kaddish), 2012

28 x 28 in

Thread, text.

From the catalog essay by Maria Porges for the exhibition, Raveling

"In Transcript (Kaddish), the same range of colors have been used to stitch the words of the last conversation Kokin had with her mother — a disjointed, oddly poetic exchange about taking a trip, getting ready to go somewhere. This metaphorically-charged exchange spirals outwards from a small opening in the center, the thread dense and dark at first, but ending in a lucent yellow. Under these words, Kokin has sewn a Hebrew text in progressively lighter shades of blue. It is the Kaddish: prayers that are spoken as part of the mourning ritual in Judaism."

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