Lisa Kokin

Page 226 (Das Kapital) an abstract mixed media work created with thread and book page fragments by Lisa Kokin at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley California San Francisco Bay Area - Lisa  Kokin

Page 226 (Das Kapital), 2013

Mixed media  
37 x 21 in

Linen, thread

Kokin discovered a copy of Das Kapital in Yiddish among the books handed down to her by her immigrant grandfather. Carefully enlarging, transcribing and sewing the text of various pages on found pieces of antique linen and lace, she created what appears to be a ritual cloth. Kokin says, “I began with three random pages, enlarging and reproducing them in a sewn version in my usual labor-intensive way, like a modern-day scribe in a sweatshop of her own making.

Although the pieces look as though they might be sacred text, they are not, at least not in the traditional sense. Some would say they are the opposite, given Marx’s thoughts about religion. For me they are a way of preserving the legacy of my ancestors and affirming the continued life of the book and of a language rescued from the brink of extinction.”

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