Lisa Kokin

 - Lisa  Kokin

Public and Private #2, 2020

12 x 9 in

Public and Private #2 is part of a series of collages, called Denominate, that Lisa Kokin has been working on for the last several months. Since the last electoral campaign and subsequent election, she has dedicated herself to working exclusively with shredded money, both sewn and collaged. The self-imposed parameters she has set for herself have allowed her to push the limits of what is possible using such a minimal material. “I love what happens when paper or cloth is fragmented,” says Kokin. “So many details which in a larger whole would go unnoticed rise to the fore. In paper currency, the bits of text, mysterious numbers, parts of faces, abstract patterns and designs are all highlighted when cut apart and reassembled.” The collages began with threads and bits of money in a variety of configurations, and have moved through several iterations to arrive at their current form, derived from the ubiquitous devices which we are now more than ever physically and emotionally attached to.

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