Kay Bradner

Kay Bradner Allens Ducklings is an artist book showing at Seager Gray Gallery located in Mill Valley San Francisco Bay Area - Kay  Bradner

Allen's Ducklings, 2010

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8 x 6 x 1 in

Artist Statement and Description

My brother rescued these little ducks, dropped, still in their eggs, by their heedless mothers into our snow-fed pond in the early spring. He raised them in ever-larger straw filled boxes in our dim basement, among the toys, tools and sprouting tomatoes, until they swam, first in the laundry sink then in Allen’s blue wheelbarrow and finally in the raucous company of their parents in the pond, warm now from the summer sun.

The ducklings were drawn on copper and plastic by Kay Bradner using a diamond tipped drypoint needle. They were printed. a la poupee, in an edition of 20 unique books by her daughter, Claire Kessler-Bradner, at their San Francisco studio in the summer of 2010. The text is letterpress, printed by Rebecca Peters at Reb Peters Press in Oakland, CA.

Dedicated to: Snuggles, Quack, Spot, Limpet, Fluffy, Racer, Shaker, Dicy, Ram, Peeper, Snow White , Tiger and Elmer