Macy Chadwick

Macy Chadwick at Seager Gray Gallery showing MisMatch a handmade artist book. - Macy  Chadwick

MisMatch, 2013

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7 x 11 in

MisMatch is part of the Ideation by Chance exhibition in which artists set out to make a book based on random assignments from a deck of options.

The ideation cards Macy Chadwick drew dictated that she use collaborative imagery, so she requested images from artists Lisa Onstad, Katie Baldwin and Tricia Treacy. Whe color-copied parts of their images and matched them to some of her own to create a box of cards that interact like an exquisite corpse. In reaction to the directive research, investigate she drew a diagrammatic overlay for each card to link the disparate images.

Here are the parameters set for this book:

adjectives: colorful, quiet, traditional, historical, spiritual
color: least favorite
describe: research, investigate
imagery: collaborate with other artist
layout: across folds
paper: transparent/translucent
structure: unbound or boxed
technical: photocopy
text: none