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The Shepard and Chimney Sweep - Sara  Press

The Shepherdess and Chimneysweep, 2012

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9 x 7 in

Images (drawn by Andrew Rottner) and text letterpressed on to rich giclée backgrounds. The book features two 26 inch wide foldouts and a cut-marbled-paper and brocade cover.

Andrew Rottner, of Super Classy Publishing, collaborated on this tribute to printing’s golden age. The story is a misremembered parable, written by Christina Lauritsen. It re-imagines H.C. Andersen’s classic tale of the same name as a story of revelation and madness. The visual progression of the book mirrors the plot, pitting the beauty of the decorative arts against the intense and unpredictable messiness of human experience. This book confronts the inevitability of loss as well as bows to intellectual freedom and its attendant risks.

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