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The Wolf Girl of Midnapore, 2010

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8 x 6 x 1.25 in

Based on the true story of Kamala, a feral child captured in India in 1920, this book features 6 original intaglio/aquatint etching prints set against gorgeous Indian papers. The text, which is letterpress-printed, consists of an original short story narrating Kamala’s experience, as well as an historical chronology of her life.

The book’s rich colors and rough edges combine with a classical scholarly presentation to evoke Kamala’s varied experiences: raised in the animal realm of vivid senses and immediate needs, then forced into the world of a Christian Missionary orphanage, where she eventually evolves language, bipedalism, and her own fierce aesthetic appreciation – for the color red.

We love this book. The story reads from the point of view of the feral child whose animal instincts are primal and immediate. The gorgeous red papers, illustrating Kamala's love of the color red can be removed and stored in the front of the book, mirroring the child's hoarding of all things red and protecting the book since the papers are not acid free. The side of the papers that front the etchings is acid free.

Letterpress. Contains 6 intaglio etchings. 8”x6”x1” in an edition of 15 copies.

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