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Cathy DeForest Ink and Blood at Seager Gray Gallery is an artist book in Mill Valley California San Francisco Bay Area part of the Al Mutanabi project. - Cathy  DeForest

Ink and Blood, 2012

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Ink and Blood is a collection of four books within a painted portfolio. Each book is dedicated to a different aspect of the Iraqi culture: the invasion by the Mongols in 1258, the rich culture of Mesopotamia as the cradle of civilization, the bombing of Baghdad’s ancient bookseller street in 2007, and a dedication to the “Republic of the Imagination”.

I felt the need to hand ink each of the thirty-eight pages for each edition to honor those who died for the love of books. Multiple background plates were made for each of the four books, and nineteen intaglio solar plates were created to contain the narrative of the book. Ink and Blood is an edition of 8 and is dedicated to the people of Iraq and their long-lived culture. This excerpt captures the essence of my gratitude to all those who stand for culture:

“Like the rivers that embrace Baghdad, the flow of culture endures: it is in our blood to have ink in our hands.

There will always be someone inspired to communicate through words and images.

There will always be someone drawing sustenance from art and knowledge.”

Portfolio: 8.25 x 5.5 x 1 inch
Extension of the four books as accordion books vary from: 36 to 56 inches
Text pages: Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper
Map pages: Niyodo Natural paper by Hiromi
Portfolio and book covers: textured and painted tyvek
Arabic font: B Fantezy
English font: Koufiya

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