Cathy DeForest

Cathy DeForest Yet at Seager Gray Gallery is an artist book in Mill Valley California San Francisco Bay Area - Cathy  DeForest


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9.5 x 11 x 2.25 in

YET is an artist book created by Cathy DeForest and dedicated to the Ecuadorian woman she saw in a field gathering sticks. In Cathy’s desire to share the Ecuadorian woman’s presence with others, she turned her photograph into a polymer photogravure and designed a book to reveal a poem Cathy wrote about her. Each etching is hand inked with gratitude and respect for women who live so humbly and with such dignity. The book covers are made from bark papers and the text pages are Niyodo Natural. The edition includes one unique book cradled in an antique mirrored box and 12 books housed in boxes custom built by Sabina Nies. Edition of 12:

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