Pati Scobey

Sazee - Pati  Scobey

Sazee, 2013

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5 x 17 in

Whirlwind structure using Eames Architecture Diffused Surface Paper, Silk Tissue Paper and MacGregor Handmade Paper.
Letterpress, Linoleum Cuts, Flexi Cuts, Pressure Printing with Collagraph plate.

Sazee is part of the Ideation by Chance exhibition in which artists set out to make a book based on random assignments from a deck of options.

Here are the parameters set for this book:

Adjectives: strange, serious, similar, historical, lyrical
Color: least favorite
General Description: playful, whimsical
Image: self-generated
Layout: across folds
Paper: transparent/translucent
Structure: single leaf (ie child's board book, palm leaf, slip book, spiral/comb binding, whirlwind, etc.)
Technique: letterpress
Text: abstract, non-verbal, gibberish, etc.

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