Philip Zimmermann

Phillip Zimmerman at Seager Gray Gallery showing Paradise Lost_ An Allegory - Philip  Zimmermann

Paradise Lost: An Allegory, 2013

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8 x 5.5 in

Accordion format book on global climate change and the human condition.

Digital output photographs mounted on board with white pencil and stained tyvek hinges.

Paradise Lost: An Allegory is part of the Ideation by Chance exhibition in which artists set out to make a book based on random assignments from a deck of options

Here are the parameters set for this book:

Adjectives: traditional, mysterious, spiritual, mosaic, obvious.
Color: monochromatic
Describe: serious, sober, scientific
Imagery: traced, re-drawn, lifted from outside source
Layout: based on an historic example
Paper: pre-printed or recycled
Structure: accordion
Technical: hand drawn, painted, collaged, etc.
Text: self-generated

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