Gyöngy Laky

Gyongy Lake at Seager Gray Gallery showing Fragile Password a mixed media artwork the word yes on the wall in Mill Valley California San Francisco Bay Area - Gyöngy  Laky

Fragile Password, 2012

Mixed media  
23 x 53 x 5.5 in

Ash branches, commercial wood, paint, trim bullets

Whether grids, vessels, language related sculptures or abstracted architectural forms, Laky’s work cues a combined sensory and men tal experience exploring the possibilities of form, arrangement, dimensionality, material, texture and pattern. Laky is fundamentally concerned with learning, remembering, thinking and understanding through the relationship between what is tangible and tactile and what is metaphorical and suggested working where the physical intersects with word, thought, memory and imagination. With simple text, common signs, or familiar objects she probes how experiencing these in visual, physical form might alter, extend and/or enhance a viewer’s response. By what is recognized and what is suggested she seeks mental connections one might not otherwise make - often cunningly combining the verbal with the visceral. With concerns crossing a variety of subjects and social issues - Laky undertakes to make a letter function like a sentence or to make a symbol, single word, sign or object function like a narrative.

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