Rhiannon Alpers

Rhiannon Alpers at Seager Gray Gallery showing The Specimen Series_ Citheronia Spendens a handmade artist book. - Rhiannon  Alpers

The Specimen Series: Citheronia Spendens, 2013

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4.25 x 6 x 2.5 in

Hand crafted wooden padauk frame, moth specimen (Citheronia Spendens), handmade paper (dill, palm bark, tulip stems, overbeaten abaca), material samples in glass tubes (iron oxide, vertebrae bone fragments), batik handmade bookcloth, silk bookcloth, found antique clippings and accounting log scraps.

Specimen Series: These one of a kind artist books straddle the line between book and box, and were inspired by the scientific logs and collections of the 1600s in Europe. The materials were all found and collected by the artist to create a visual narrative in the form of a miniature cabinet of curiosities.