Kumi Korf

Kumi Korf at Seager Gray Gallery showing Alphabet Of My Phobias an artist book. - Kumi  Korf

The Alphabet Of My Phobias, 2012

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10 x 12 x 1 in

"The Alphabet of My Phobias" features verses by Maia Vidal from her CD God is My Bike (2011). Each page is a triangle that folds out to reveal the meaning for that letter of the alphabet. The introductory verse by Vidal lets the reader know that this is not necessarily going to be a fun and happy reading - alphabetically speaking. "I want to write a song about the words that I cut out of my verbal repertoire." She gives us "words I cannot say in hopes they go away" such as Abortion and Climate Change. The accordion fold allows the pages to be pulled out into a longer visual panorama of letters, paper, and color.

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