Mary V. Marsh & Tony Bellaver

Sierra Haiku - Mary V. Marsh &  Tony  Bellaver

Sierra Haiku, 2014

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15 x 10.5 in

Bishop Pass

Bright Granite shimmers.
Cascade burnished bench.
Golden, red blue fish.

Membranous wings beat.
Evening pines whisper "glow"!
Single Malt easy

Ridges silhouette deeper than night.
Tea cup and Virgo blur.
Fire-ring tales whispered.

by Tony Bellaver

A set of 8 letterpress broadsides describing a 120 mile trek in 2008 along the crest of the Sierra Nevada on the John Muir Trail.

Tony Bellaver's haiku and Mary V. Marsh's linocuts are hand-set and printed on the Vandercook SP20 at Kala Art Institute. Letterpress on Lenox.

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