Tracy Harp

After a Light Misty Rain - Tracy  Harp

After a Light Misty Rain

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7.5 x 20.25 in

After a Light Misty Rain is an artist’s book about quiet phenomena detected while walking around a naturally occurring lake late fall.

The poetry lines slowly sway back and forth and float downward, like a falling leaf that subtly lands on the last page. Between each stanza is a sheet of Japanese silk tissue, which creates a sound of leaves lightly rustling in the wind as the page is turned.

After a Light Misty Rain was written and created by Tracy Harp. The book was made by hand using rice and silk papers handset in Centaur eighteen-point typeface on passé technology. The cover is made of 300 pound Lanaquarelle paper accented by wood grain buckskin paper and a walnut dowel, cork skin lining, Japanese bound. Book.

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