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Omnia Vanitas, 2018

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9.25 x 6.25 x .625 in

Omnia Vanitas contains 33 selected poems by the renowned early 20th century French poet, artist, and critic, Max Jacob. Newly translated into English by Bay Area printer and scholar, Alastair M. Johnston. Jacob was an important but neglected figure in the French avant-garde. In addition to being a roommate of Pablo Picasso during his early years in Paris, Jacob was a mercurial artist and writer whose inventive prose poems are regarded as a significant link between the symbolists and the surrealist movement.

The book contains 32 original illustrations by Jinny Pearce and was handset in Stempel Janson types. 135 copies were printed on Somerset Book paper at Thyrsus Press in Berkeley, California in 2018. Designed and produced by Jinny Pearce and Douglas Heise. Hand bound in three quarter hard binding and covered in handprinted Lama Li Loka paper. 48 pages. editions numbers 7, 14,38,42,

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