Daniella Dooling

Daniella Dooling Untitled (Communications to Amy 1955 - 1970 p.141) an artwork created with typewriter striker keys at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley CA in the San Francisco Bay Area - Daniella  Dooling

Untitled (Communications to Amy 1955 - 1970 p.141), 2018

12 x 12 x 7 in

typewriter ribbon ink on paper

From 1955-1970 Dooling’s great-grandmother, Amy Loomis, typed over 2000 pages documenting her channeled communications with the supernatural world. Among these messages included detailed plans for a peace envoy travelling on spaceships from Venus to Earth to stop the U.S. government from further development of the atomic bomb. Due to unpredictably heavy atmospheric conditions surrounding the Earth, the peace envoy was never able to land despite numerous attempts.

Dooling’s drawings, “Untitled” (Communications to Amy 1955-1970), pull directly from her great-grandmother’s documents. Using metal typewriter striker keys as drawing tools, each letter is hammered in by hand onto the paper through a piece of used typewriter ribbon.

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