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Kazuko Watanabe is a graduate of the San Francisco Academy of Art University and has taught classes on printmaking at both the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley and the University of California, Berkeley. Her multiple color intaglio prints are meticulously crafted in a way most printmakers shy away from due to the inordinate amount of time and patience needed for this particular medium. She handles these stubborn metallic plates with such ease and subtlety that the viewer is generally unaware of the fantastic craftsmanship that is employed to generate the beautiful abstract compositions and delicate color gradations.

Ms. Watanabe was the recipient of The 1999 Library Fellows Award from The National Museum of Women in Arts Foundation in Washington D.C. for her bookmaking.

Soaring Skies Kazuko Watanabe an artist book at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley California in the San Francisco Bay Area
Soaring Skies
artist book   2014
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The Diary of a Sparrow
The Diary of a Sparrow
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